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With over 8,000 trade events, is one of the most popular Business Directories on the Web providing the most comprehensive information about international and local events, companies, products and services.

We invite you to add a free listing of your event to Expo Central.

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How Expo Central is organized?

Unlike many other event and B2B directories that usually run automated programs to add listings of the events or companies to their databases, Expo Central is created by staff members who visit web sites of events and then organize listings into the subject-based categories and sub-categories.

Currently, the hierarchical structure includes 78 'top-level' categories by location (regions and countries) and 28 'top-level' and over 600 sub-categories by vertical industries

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What information is included in the free listing of the event?

Each free listing of the event contains a name of the event, which serves as a link to the event's web site and a brief description of the event and information about the location, venue, industry, products and services presented at the event, dates (for 3 to 5 years), frequency, and organizer.

Please review a free listing of the event:
  • Global Petroleum Show
    Global Petroleum Show is a pivotal showcase for world-class technology in the fields of exploration, production and transportation of oil and natural gas. Join 50,000 visitors from 85 countries to network, develop new business, and share in the Global Petroleum Show experience.
    [ Country: Canada | City: Calgary | Industry: Petroleum | Dates: June 10-12, 2008, every two years | Venue: Stampede Park | Open to Trade and Public | Products and Services: Service and supply companies in the oil and gas industry will display the latest technology for the oil and gas industry. | Organizer: dmg world media]

Free listing is limited to one event from the same event organizer. If you want to submit more than one event to Expo Central or want to place a listing of your event under more than one category, please follow the link below. The first listing under one category will be free. Annual fee for each additional listing is $9.95.

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